KlimaDAO contracts

Local Development

Install foundry:


For Linux and MacOS users:

curl -L https://foundry.paradigm.xyz | bash

This will download foundryup. Then install Foundry by running:



These examples use a localhost fork running on the anvil command

Base Protocol Contracts

  • Deploy the Klima tokens (KLIMA, sKLIMA, wsKLIMA).

    forge script script/deployProtocolTokens.s.sol:DeployKlimaProtocolTokens --fork-url http://localhost:8545 --broadcast --ffi
  • Update .env with the KLIMA and sKLIMA addresses from the previous step and deploy the Klima treasury.

    forge script script/deployProtocolTreasury.s.sol:DeployKlimaTreasury --fork-url http://localhost:8545 --broadcast --ffi
  • Update .env with the treasury address from the previous step. Also, configure the desired parameters for the first epoch number, block, and epoch length in the deploy script below.

    forge script script/deployProtocolStaking.s.sol:DeployKlimaStaking --fork-url http://localhost:8545 --broadcast --ffi

Infinity Diamond Deployment

  • Deploy the base Diamond, facet implementations, and perform the diamon cut with the following script.
    forge script script/deployInfinity.s.sol:DeployInfinityScript --fork-url http://localhost:8545 --broadcast --ffi

Deprecated Contracts

Note that the AlphaKlimaRedeemUpgradeable will fail to get built by default, and therefore has been marked deprecated.

In order to compile this contract, you will need to manually update the @openzeppelin/contracts-upgradeable contracts that are downloaded in your node_modules by changing _trustedForwarder in metatx/ERC2771ContextUpgradeable.sol from a private to a public address.

There is another issue related to the _trustedForwarder in that contract that has not yet been resolved.

Since aKLIMA was a prelaunch coupon and the existing deployed versino of the redemption contract works as expected, this contract is no longer needed.


This repo is configured with Foundry to generate documentation for the solidity source files with the forge doc command. If you have not installed Foundry, follow the guide above.

Please follow these rules:

  • Annonate your code with proper NatSpec comments
  • Before committing code, run the force doc --build in order to build the doc/book

You can run a local version of the documentation by running forge doc --serve